Great Job, Internet!: Abbi Jacobson and Paul Scheer hijacked Vulture as a perfect pair of sycophants

Vulture had grand plans to invite ubiquitous comedy titans Paul Scheer and Abbi Jacobson to interview one another, and, in theory, it makes sense. Paul Scheer is a podcast impresario and one of the guys on FX’s The League who did not lose a hot wings endorsement over lying about 9/11. And Abbi Jacobson is cable royalty as one half of Broad City. But, like an 8-year-old trying to officiate a marriage between their pets, it sounds like things went a little off the rails for Vulture.

Instead of a straightforward interview, the pair staged a pre-interview huddle, where they both come off sounding as narcissistic and shallow as possible. Scheer instructs Jacobson to hype his special, while Jacobson is a little too busy with herself to listen. They hit all of the notes of horrible entertainers, referencing “the craft” and trendy workouts, endorsing high-end water, and commiserating …

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