Great Job, Internet!: A young Louis CK chats with Paul Provenza in 1991

Long before Comedy Central came into its own as a network with Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, South Park, and The Colbert Report, the fledgling cable network resembled something quite different. From the ashes of Ha! and The Comedy Channel rose Comedy Central, which was pretty much just cobbled together from episodes of Two Drink Minimum, Short Attention Span Theatre, and the undeniable charm of Joe Bolster. Paul Provenza’s Comics Only was not a line of windbreakers perfect for the stage à la Members Only, but the place for comics to come out and do stand-up while sitting down.

Host Provenza has been uploading segments from the show on his YouTube page and a clip featuring a young Louis CK has been making the rounds, thanks to Reddit. CK is still a young man, so he hasn’t grown into the grumpy, perpetually aggravated comedian that audiences have come …

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