Great Job, Internet!: A whole slew of early South Park scripts are now available online

It’s remarkable sometimes what the diligent fan, armed with a little patience, can discover lurking in the dark, cobwebbed corners of the internet. For example, writer Zack Smith found something quite fascinating on a wiki devoted to Comedy Central’s South Park. South Park Studios has released downloadable PDF versions of scripts of numerous early episodes of the series, ranging from the first season’s “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe” to the fifth season’s self-parodying “Towelie,” and they’re all nicely, neatly indexed on one convenient page. In Smith’s estimation, the scripts are well worth checking out for die hard South Park fans who want to find out about the show’s creative process. “The scripts are quite entertaining,” he says, “with minimalist but precise scene descriptions and frequent usage of ALL CAPS WITH MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS LIKE THIS!!!! Some good reads and a nice class in …

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