Great Job, Internet!: A well piloted drone makes for the best live action Grand Theft Auto 2 yet

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve all seen live-action Grand Theft Auto fan videos before,” you, the internet, growl menacingly. “Anybody can make one of those with a GoPro and some fake guns. Show me something more labor-intensive that I can watch for free and then complain about in online comment sections!” Well, you’re in luck. An apparent fan of old-school gaming in the Czech Republic named Vojta Paul, armed with a quadcopter, his own highly adept drone piloting skills, and a near-army of like-minded volunteers, has assembled a strikingly accurate live-action version of Grand Theft Auto 2. The video recreates the 1999 game’s top-down perspective, mission structure, and cartoonish death poses, adding in sound clips and a few vintage video effects from the original game to further nail the verisimilitude.

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