Great Job, Internet!: A very thorough demonstration of all of Super Mario World’s glitches

With Super Mario Maker now just a day from its release, one of the pleasures (or frustrations) for fans will be finding the glitches in the game, where the functionality of the controls is something different for what seems like the logical intent.

For fans of these glitches, a YouTube video series by a user called Nathanisbored runs through a number of the flaws in the 1990 SNES classic Super Mario World. The game is best known as the first appearance of Yoshi, but after these 47 installments of Let’s Glitch Super Mario World, it might also be known as one of the glitchiest games of all time. As Nathan says in his first episode, “The game is really broken, but a lot of people don’t realize it.”

Some critics have noted on Metafilter that the series could use some editing, as Nathan’s videos run between 10 …

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