Great Job, Internet!: A tense prequel fully explores Back To The Future’s terrorist backstory

It’s one of the more troubling aspects of the otherwise whimsical and charming Back To The Future: In order to power his DeLorean time machine, lovable eccentric Doc Brown steals a case of plutonium from a group of Libyan terrorists, who then retaliate by gunning him down in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall. The terrorism sub-subplot is so incongruous with the rest of Back To The Future that it seems to belong to another movie entirely. A new mock trailer by Tyler Hopkins suggests that maybe this story should be its own movie, specifically a prequel about how a seemingly harmless guy like Doc Brown ever became involved with Libyan terrorists in the first place. Supposedly coming “from visionary director Robert Zemeckis,” 1.21 Gigawatts is a tense, moody political thriller, radically different in tone from the Future trilogy.

In order to create this trailer, Hopkins …

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