Great Job, Internet!: A rapping Doug Funnie channels Ice Cube, lives to see another day in Bluffington

One of the three original Nicktoons, Doug would have been have been somewhere in the middle of its four-season run on Nickelodeon when Ice Cube released “It Was A Good Day,” a single from third solo album The Predator, in 1992. Other than their chronological proximity, the animated series and the hip-hop classic would seem to have very little in common. The tongue-tied, soft-spoken, generally nebbishy Doug Funnie might be in the running for least gangsta cartoon character of all time. But in the hazy, Surge-damaged memories of ’90s kids who grew up on basic cable television, zoning out to Doug and nodding along to “It Was A Good Day” are all part of one big, nebulous blob of experience. And now, veteran YouTuber Adam Schleichkorn (a.k.a. Mylo The Cat) is ready to transport viewers back to the halcyon days of the first Bush presidency with an epic …

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