Great Job, Internet!: A primer on the rise, fall, and possible resurrection of Circuit City

For decades, Circuit City was a popular, near-ubiquitous retailer of consumer electronics and physical media. But industry changes and poor management decisions caused the New York-based chain to cease operations in 2009. Seven years later, the American landscape is still dotted with the remains of former Circuit City locations, betrayed by those unmistakable red entryways. Appropriately, Bright Sun Films has devoted an episode of its webseries Abandoned to the history of Circuity City. Despite the title, this isn’t a video about some random YouTube idiot breaking into an abandoned Circuit City to see what’s still inside. Instead, this 14-minute mini-documentary written and narrated by Jake Williams details the decades-long saga of the electronics chain, from its origins in the late 1940s and its boom times in the 1980s and 1990s to its demise in the new millennium and its current comeback attempt. The video also serves as a …

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