Great Job, Internet!: A New York company materializes songs as 3-D printed sculptures

As created by Reify’s 3-D printing programs, Wagner’s “Ride Of The Valkyries” twists in aggressive blue jags, Gordon Lightfoot’s “Spin Spin” swirls in diminishing circles, and Nick Drake lyrics swell into an asymmetrical growth. Reify’s program translates sound waves into computer code and code into molds, materializing songs into works of art using 3-D printers.

“Ride Of The Valkyries,” “Spin Spin,” and “From The Morning” (Photos: Reify)

The video below provides a glimpse into this process. It also shows the other part of Reify’s project—a smartphone app that translates the sculptures back into sound by scanning them.

Reify is part of the New Museum’s non-profit incubator, New Inc. Head to the company’s Tumblr for more photos of the neat sculptures.

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