Great Job, Internet!: A new app will block Donald Trump from entering your field of vision

It was always heading in this direction. After the Kardashian-blocking app and the Star Wars spoiler-blocking app, it was inevitable that someone would figure out a way to filter out mentions of Donald Trump from the online experience. And now along comes Trump Trump, an app from Furtiv, a creator of mobile games, with a very simple mission statement: “Enjoy Trump-free web browsing. Trump Trump is a content blocker that filters out links, websites and photos that contain the word Trump.” While this might be an inconvenience for card players or fans of the movie Pod People, it is a veritable boon to everyone else, especially after Mr. Trump’s headline-grabbing statements about Muslims this week.

Can the aging real estate mogul possibly mean all of the outrageous and hateful things he says, or is this just a fiendish, cynical strategy to garner a lot of free publicity for his …

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