Great Job, Internet!: A modern cartoonist recreated every page of a 1969 Thor comic, ads and all

The current popularity of superheroes is due in no small part to the genre-redefining work that artist Jack Kirby and writer Stan Lee did at Marvel Comics in the 1960s. This year, as part of the annual InkTober drawing challenge, cartoonist Adam Koford paid tribute by rewriting and redrawing the entirety of Thor #163, a classic comic from April 1969, from cover to cover, including the ads. Why that one in particular? “I chose this issue,” Koford writes on his Imgur account, “because I love Jack Kirby, and it’s the only original run issue of his I have.” The cartoonist has given this vintage book a thorough makeover, retaining the original title (“Where Dwell The Demons”) and Kirby’s panel compositions but completely changing the dialogue and rendering the characters in his own style. Essentially, Koford has remade Thor #163 as a knockabout comedy, with the Asgardian hero depicted …

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