Great Job, Internet!: A “magic sex cult” thrives in the weird alcoves of Facebook

Every popular internet platform has its share of eccentrics and individualists. There’s plenty of unsavory strangeness to be found on Twitter and YouTube, for instance, for those who seek it out. But writer Angel Archer got way more weirdness than she bargained for when she investigated the phenomenon known as Tumple, “a new religious movement” whose members spend way too much time in oddball Facebook groups, for her article “Inside The Magic Sex Cult Recruiting From Facebook Meme Pages.” But this title, however enticing, is misleading. Based on the evidence presented in this article, there is very little about Tumple that is either sexy or magical. The “cult” part, at least is accurate. Tumple self-applies that label without apparent shame on its own FAQ page. Tumple emerges from Archer’s article as a group that functions both as a critique of traditional cults, duly updated for the social media …

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