Great Job, Internet!: A kid and his kazoo get a high-energy, dance-floor ready trap remix

The VHS era, when companies released hours and hours of dubious material in the hopes that some of it would find an audience somewhere, continues to be a gift to comedians, musicians, and lovers of irony well into the 21st century. Modern day artists have found inspiration in the most obscure and least promising of locations. Few would have guessed, for example, that an utterly forgotten 1989 tape called Special Friends: Starring You On Kazoo would have anything more to offer the public in 2016. The would-be kidvid classic seems to revolve around a tow-headed youngster with a bowl haircut and a boundless enthusiasm for the kazoo, that humble plastic instrument that produces a comical buzzing sound. But this strange production is the inspiration for a supremely catchy trap remix by L.A. musician Mike Diva.

Normally, the words “kid playing kazoo” and “trap remix,” especially in combination, would be …

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