Great Job, Internet!: A hot new conspiracy theory is tearing up the flat-Earth movement

The internet is the best thing to happen to conspiracy theories since the moon landing. It has allowed once-fringe ideas about the true make-up of the world to congeal and gain steam and, eventually, elect a president of the United States. Perhaps the most beautiful of internet conspiracy theories is the flat-earth movement, which is the impetus behind many wonderful Instagram accounts and also several extremely questionable assertions by NBA stars. What makes the flat earth theory different than, say, JFK truthers is its thundering clarity: The scaffolding of the theory is byzantine and involves an invisible anti-moon, but the core of it is that the horizon looks flat so it must be. There’s something charmingly tautological about it.

A new Atlantic article by Sam Kriss dives into the latest wrinkle on the flat-earth theory, and it is majestically insane while also being characteristically objective in its reasoning. Posted …

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