Great Job, Internet!: A first-time actor describes what it was like being in the Nintendo Switch trailer

Last week, Nintendo finally introduced the world to the Switch, a brand new video game system that combines the technological power of a home console with the portability of a handheld. Thanks to detachable controller bits called Joy-Cons, you can go straight from playing games on your couch with a traditional-ish controller to breaking the controller in half, connecting it to a tablet-like screen, and then playing the exact same game on your toilet or whatever. It’s all rather exciting, thanks in part to the refreshingly well-made announcement video that Nintendo released featuring one immensely satisfying sound-effect and a bunch of cool, young people.

But what was it like being one of those cool, young people? As it turns out, at least one of them is a video game fan whose appearance in the trailer was his first acting gig ever, and he recently made a video on his …

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