Great Job, Internet!: A fan made great opening credits for the Black Widow movie we’re not getting

Despite a lot of public support, offers of proposed screenplays, talented directors actively coveting the job, and lots of evidence that it could be great, Marvel has actively put the kibosh on giving the world a Black Widow movie. We suppose it’s not that surprising, considering that we can’t even get toys that give her credit for her own storylines. Still, it’s a bit bizarre that one of the most recognizable Marvel heroes at this point is an afterthought when it comes to a standalone film.

That hasn’t stopped fan and design student Christopher Haley from envisioning his own version of a Black Widow movie. In keeping with the tendency of Marvel films to hew to particular sub-genres (Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s ’70s conspiracy thriller vibe, etc.), Haley chose to create the mood of an old-school James Bond spy adventure. He includes a dream …

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