Great Job, Internet!: A dachshund somehow makes Game Of Thrones cute

There wasn’t much that was cute about the Game Of Thrones finale. We wouldn’t even use that word to describe Cersei’s awesome I’m-going-to-murder-everyone gown. The apt term for that is “fierce.” Here, however, is a video of a dachshund dressed up as a bunch of Thrones characters that’s bound to make you say “aw.”

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund—that’s the name he goes by, and don’t you forget it—stars in his very own version of Thrones. It’s called Game Of Bones, and, as you might expect, it’s tailored to his doggy interests. Crusoe plays a variety of roles including the former Lord Of Wienerfell, the Squeaker Of Dragons, and, in the most fitting part, The Hound. That’s the role that seems most true to his heart and his breed.

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