Great Job, Internet!: 97-year-old veteran of Dunkirk reviews Dunkirk

There’s no shortage of World War II movies, and there’s no shortage of twenty-something critics pontificating about their “accuracy.” Whether a film like Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk—a thrilling chronicle of the escape of Allied troops over the English Channel from the tip of France in 1940—is “accurate” is probably best determined by someone who was, you know, actually there. Luckily, that someone exists: His name is Ken Sturdy and Global News caught up with him in Calgary as he was leaving a screening of the film.

With emotion in his voice, Sturdy, a 97-year old veteran who served as a signalman with the Royal Navy during the Dunkirk evacuation, expressed admiration for the film. “I never thought I would see that again,” he said. ”It was just like I was there again.”

It’s impossible not to be moved when he talks about being “saddened” by …

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