Great Job, Internet!: 2017’s most avant-garde documentary was filmed inside a ’90s superstore

David Lynch must be kicking himself right now, because his attempt to induce a mass meditative state by making viewers watch a guy sweep the floor on Twin Peaks just got one-upped by a Washington woman’s dad. As Willamette Week explains, Kellie Rogers took some old tapes from her dad’s VHS camcorder to be transferred to DVD, only to discover that one tape contained a 26-minute chunk from the camcorder’s former life as a floor model in the electronics department at a Washington State Fred Meyer store.

Intrigued by the camera’s unblinking look into the everyday life of a ’90s superstore, Rogers took the tape to Reddit, whose detectives were able to determine that the footage was shot in the spring of 1992, thanks to the presence of Garth Brooks’ Ropin’ The Wind, the Wayne’s World soundtrack, Slaughter’s The Wild Life, and Pantera’s …

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