Great Job, Internet!: 2 Chainz smoked the world’s most expensive joint

GQ has teamed up with rapper/man of leisure 2 Chainz to make a web series about the finer things in life, appropriately titled Most Expensivest Shit w/ 2 Chainz. In the newest episode, 2 Chainz heads to Stogz Tobacco to partake in the world’s most exorbitantly priced joint.

Accompanied by his “doctor,” Dr. Dina (shockingly, the self-proclaimed inspiration for Weeds Nancy Botwin does not actually hold a medical degree) 2 Chainz is shown gold rolling papers. At $10 per sheet, these don’t actually seem that expensive for a guy looking for the priciest experience possible. 2 Chainz also seems disappointed that you don’t actually smoke the gold. Shopkeeper Michael clarifies, “What you’re smoking is underneath, and around the gold.” Which is good, because inhaling actual gold sounds hazardous to your health.

Dr. Dina then produces the main event: two strains of “the world’s most …

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