Gameological At Large: The most promising games from E3 2016, part one

Another year of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is in the books, and after wading through the video game trade show’s annual blitz of marketing noise and visual spectacle, a few games stuck out in my notebook as especially promising titles to keep your eye on this year, next year, and possibly beyond. Part one of my cream-of-the-crop roundup is below, and part two will appear Monday. (Plus, don’t forget to weigh in with your favorites from the E3 hype-fest on today’s What Are You Playing This Weekend? thread.)

God Of War

(Screenshot: Sony)

Developer: Sony Santa Monica Studios
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4
Release date: TBA

During his introduction to a slightly more in-depth demo than the one that opened the PlayStation conference, director Cory Barlog spoke at length about the changes that have come to God Of War. It looks different. It plays different …

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