Gameological At Large: Gameological at Essen: Highlights from the world’s biggest board game fair

Last month, I once again had the pleasure of attending the Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany for four days of activities at the world’s biggest board gaming festival. This year, the fair expanded to encompass a new hall, providing some much-needed breathing room for the more than 150,000 attendees and affordable spaces for designers hoping to show their wares. The excitement included a world record 1,040 players participating in one giant game of Settlers Of Catan. Between dice rolls and card draws, I donned my press badge to bring you a look at a few of the most interesting and promising games I played at the show, and I’ll be down in the comments (as CNightwing) to answer more of your questions.


The gist: The ultra-competitive party game

How it’s played: Vlaada Chvátil has run the gamut of game styles in his career as …

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