Game Review: Volume’s hacktivist hero is a Robin Hood for the livestreaming era

It’s worrying that tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men remain so popular. Ballads have been sung about the wealth-redistributing bandit since the 15th century, but the same problems Robin grappled with in his day—income inequality, abuse of power—are still hot-button issues half a millennium later. Perhaps that’s why modern retellings of these tales often struggle to say anything new with the character. The rich are still bastards, and the poor are still miserable, so with every passing century, a hero like Robin becomes both more necessary and more difficult to believe in.

Volume, by Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell, is a Robin Hood story for the 21st century. Its Robin isn’t a rakish highwayman with a bow and arrow but a cheeky hacker with a computer and a few cameras. He practices his craft in virtual reality instead of Sherwood Forest and …

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