Game Review: The road to world domination isn’t so simple in Civilization VI

Since the release of its 1991 original, the appeal of Sid Meier’s Civilization series has rested on the gratifying repetition of a single narrative. After their first forays into the game’s simplistic version of world history conclude in crushing defeat, players become familiar enough with the intricacies to consistently pull off a mostly immutable story of total domination. Their achievements in every field of human endeavor unparalleled, these leaders would, time and again, emerge as world conquerors, outperforming opponents in every quantifiable way—technological advancement, military might, diplomatic coercion. To an experienced player, it becomes a power fantasy peppered with historical fact, but Civilization VI is not quite as obliging. The newest edition blocks off the series’ well-worn roads to success and demands a more focused overall strategy.

World wonders have always been one of the most fascinating aspects of Civilization, and you can sense a wider shift …

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