Game Review: The real war in Fire Emblem Fates is between nature and nurture

Fire Emblem Fates has all the plot elements you’d expect from an entry in Nintendo’s fantasy warfare series. There’s a chosen one, a war between two kingdoms that represent the light and dark, magic swords, prophecies, and dragons. But at the core is the profound dilemma of nature versus nurture: Will you define yourself by your biological family or the one that raised you? That choice breaks the game into two halves, Birthright and Conquest, which feel complete on their own but are most fascinating when taken together as an examination of the impact a personal choice can have on those around you.

Fates stars Corrin, a prince or princess (depending on player choice) who has been raised in the kingdom of Nohr but learns that she is actually part of the Hoshido royal family. King Garon of Nohr has been holding her hostage since murdering her …

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