Game Review: Super Mario Maker wisely takes its time to coax players’ creative spirits

With all the Legos imaginable laid out before you, it can be hard to focus on building something simple and functional. More often, the thought process jumps straight to, “I’m going to build a whole city! Underwater! With dragons!” Before long, all sorts of pieces that don’t necessarily mesh are being mashed together, and the creations are abandoned half-finished. This is often the case with the products of Lego-like creation modes in games, as well: too many levels that feel like a mishmash of half-finished ideas constructed by a generation of players cast as poets so romanced by the forest, they forgot how to use trees. The same fate could have befallen Super Mario Maker, but when handing over the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom, Nintendo wisely ensured we’ll take our time and get it right.

Super Mario Maker, as the name might suggest, is a game …

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