Game Review: Splatoon 2 is in a love-hate relationship with the internet

The internet made Splatoon what it is. Obviously, without being able to match up with other inklings from around the globe for online Turf Wars, there wouldn’t be much to Nintendo’s fresh-as-hell reimagining of competitive shooters, but there’s more to it than that. In the months after its release, Splatoon‘s community grew into an online fandom, feeding all manner of memes back into the game and spawning inside jokes of its own. Splatoon 2‘s hub world is already overflowing with impressive cartoon drawings and minimalist renditions of memes. All of it is created by players around the world and thrown in your face as nigh unavoidable speech bubbles over the heads of the fashionable half-squid, half-teens populating Inkopolis Square. Walking through the crowd to reach clothing shops or access the single-player campaign is like taking a stroll through a weird fish-themed, alternate-reality internet come to …

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