Game Review: Not A Hero wants you to embrace its hyperactive hyper-violence

Between the kill sprees that comprise Not A Hero‘s missions, your character hangs out with his boss, BunnyLord, at a local restaurant: Aunt Ruby’s Diner, run by the lady herself. She makes amazing milkshakes, and only some of them have acid in them. But she seems morose. While you and BunnyLord are discussing the way those crazy ninjas totally blew up in the face, Aunt Ruby’s just going through a normal day. It makes her an outlier in Not A Hero, which is bursting with dark glee everywhere else. Aunt Ruby’s not having any fun, but everyone else sure is.

Before we get to the nihilistic joy of pixelated brutality, we should probably talk about BunnyLord. Wearing a three-piece suit and an insane grin, BunnyLord is the centerpiece of Not A Hero, your boss and guide to its madcap world. See, BunnyLord is London’s newest …

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