Game Review: No one comes out clean in Battlefield Hardline’s murky cop drama

Broken glass and the corpses of armed bodyguards litter a drug kingpin’s swanky pool house. Amid all the carnage, Nick Mendoza glances at his former partner and quips, “Well, at least we won’t have a lot of paperwork to do later.”

Such is the callousness of Mendoza, the Miami detective-turned-escaped-convict who ranks as the closest thing to a hero in Battlefield Hardline. Its writers have said the story was inspired by the hard-boiled crime fiction of Elmore Leonard, the self-described “poet laureate of wild assholes with guns,” whose novels always luxuriated in profane con men and wise guys. It shows. Crooked cops, self-interested criminals, and corrupt politicians and journalists all pollute the power structures of Hardline‘s Miami like the slimy gunk that coats the surface of the swamps you boat through in an early level. It’s the equivalent of the autobiographical screenplay written by a skeevy …

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