Game Review: No matter what character you play, in Street Fighter V, we’re all Ryu

Ryu has always been Street Fighter‘s poster boy, but his starring role is more than just a legacy position. Ryu is Street Fighter. At a fundamental level, the series is built around his combat capabilities. It’s why anyone who’s starting on the journey to play and understand Street Fighter is encouraged to try Ryu first. He’s a basic character, and all the concepts you need to grasp before you can grow—patience, pulling off the joystick motions that launch the game’s special moves, controlling your opponent’s movement, and punishing them for falling into your traps—are the keys to making his arsenal work. If you can understand how to succeed as Ryu, chances are you can understand the properties Street Fighter is built upon.

But Street Fighter V taps into another dimension of Ryu’s centrality, one that cements his status as the total …

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