Game Review: NieR: Automata is so crazy, it might just work

While an improbably slight ingenue dressed in fetish gear and wielding a massive sword isn’t exactly pioneering territory for a Japanese video game, there is still something compelling about 2B, the warrior android you play as in NieR: Automata. Why did the humans who created you dress you up like a little Victorian doll? Have they been removed from conflict for so long that the endless war you’re a part of has become a form of play for them? Why are the androids blindfolded? Does restricting vision unlock Zatoichi-levels of blade mastery? Is it so you don’t have to witness the violence you perpetrate? Even her designation—an alpha-numeric abstraction on the first two words of Hamlet’s soliloquy on the burden of living—hints at something deeper. But at a recent PAX East panel, NieR: Automata‘s creative director Yoko Taro was asked about the decisions …

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