Game Review: Lost Dimension livens up its plodding action with high-stakes traitor hunts

Having to root out a traitor in your midst plays a major part in plenty of board and party games. It forces you to analyze the actions of your fellow players and figure out their true motivations. Was a suboptimal decision made because your friend is trying to undermine your efforts or because they simply misplayed? Is that person acting nervous because they’re the traitor or just because they’re a little awkward in groups? Even when you’re convinced someone’s a traitor, persuading the other players to vote them out can meet with fierce resistance. Considering how social these traitor-laden games are, translating the concept into a single-player video game seems impossible, but the developers at FuRyu managed to tap into that tension with the brilliantly cruel Lost Dimension.

Players take on the role of Sho, one of 11 psychics in the secret task force known as …

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