Game Review: Legacy Of The Void is a satisfying conclusion to 17 years of StarCraft

The StarCraft II trilogy follows a similar trajectory to that of The Lord Of The Rings films. Both The Fellowship Of The Ring and Wings Of Liberty drew in an established fan base seeking a grand update to a genre-defining work while delivering a spectacular first installment that helped expand on that appeal. While important to their stories, the second portion of both series’ were their weakest, and while the final contribution doesn’t quite reach the highs of the series’ beginning, and necessarily devotes a lot of time to epilogue, Legacy Of The Void is just as satisfying as Return Of The King.

With Wings Of Liberty following the Terrans (humans) and Heart Of The Swarm devoted to the Zerg (an insectoid alien hive-mind), Legacy Of The Void turns the focus to the series’ third race: the Protoss. A society of technologically advanced and devout psychic aliens, the Protoss …

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