Game Review: Galak-Z emulates the retro anime experience, warts and all

There is a joy to be found in uncertainty—of having a general idea of what you might encounter but awaiting the surprise of what fate will bring on this occasion. It was far more frequent in the ’80s and ’90s, when comic books disappeared from newsstands rather than populate app stores in perpetuity and action cartoons were syndicated on local networks rather than streamed on Hulu. The episodic nature of these stories demanded that they rage forward, unaffected by audience members who may have missed a chapter because their local drug store was sold out of Uncanny X-Men or because Sailor Moon was preempted by the baseball game. There was no DVR. There were no internet message boards. There were no second chances. We took what we had and filled in the rest as best as we could. Finishing the story often meant solving the puzzle on our own …

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