Game Review: Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture explores new depths of tedium

If everybody’s gone to the rapture, then this must be hell: a game where the player hardly matters, a story that not even the characters care about, and a world whose pastoral beauty is a hollow vessel. The Chinese Room’s Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture—a PlayStation 4 exclusive from the creators of Dear Esther—is a work so brutally dull that it would function as a parody of an “art game,” if only it didn’t take itself so seriously.

Rapture takes place in a placid English village near an observatory that came into contact with an otherworldly energy. As you might gather from the title, the town’s population vanished in the wake of the discovery, and you explore the aftermath. You’re alone as you wander the countryside of greater Shropshire, but residents occasionally appear as shimmering human-like forms—glittery echoes of bygone souls …

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