Game Review: Broken Age is finally finished, and it was worth the bumpy journey

My review copy of Broken Age came with a letter from the game’s director, Tim Schafer. This in and of itself was not too unusual, but the contents of the letter did contain a curious recommendation: “Start from the beginning,” because “Broken Age was designed not as two separate episodes, but as one complete story.”

It’s not often that you hear a game’s creator asking players to start at the start, as if we’re all likely to muck up getting the game to even run. But Broken Age is a special case, and, at least for now, inextricable from its singular creation story. It was one of the earliest crowdfunding successes, drawing far more cash from fans than expected. And so its developers found themselves pathfinding, as they learned how to balance the expectations of invested fans against the scheduling realities of a project that could …

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