Game Review: Boss fights are the only fights in the refreshingly restrained Titan Souls

How does one even go about killing a god? A million, million tanks? A fleet of Death Stars? Weapons-grade botulism? Even an army composed of every hero in the Marvel universe couldn’t defeat the mad titan Thanos. Yet the lone hero of Titan Souls must take on more than a dozen angry demigods armed with nothing but a bow and a single arrow.

As the game begins, this nameless adventurer finds himself adrift in a strange and mysterious land. It’s a world full of quiet pools, quieter moss, strange statues, and mournful music, as if a Ganonic plague killed everyone in Hyrule. In order to proceed through this desolate purgatory, the hero must find and defeat a series of titans and absorb their essences. His only weapon in this fight is a bow and arrow. For what it’s worth, the arrow returns when called, like a pointy …

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