Game Review: Bloodborne knows how good it is—and how doomed you are

“Why exactly did you volunteer to review this?” my girlfriend asked. I had just finished recounting the havoc Bloodborne was wreaking on my body and mind. My head was cloudy. My frayed nerves continued to tingle hours after each session. I was sweating through my wardrobe at an alarming rate. Still, I knew this kind of adverse reaction was likely. I’ve been through it before, struggling through and falling for the other esoteric, punishing games in From Software’s Souls family, of which Bloodborne is the latest.

“Nowadays, this is the only kind of game that makes me feel anything.”

There’s truth in that joke answer. The games I find myself clinging to and fawning over are the ones that do this to me. The ones that make me sweat and swear and toil for my triumph. I’ve been numbed to most anything less. It’s a …

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