Game Review: Blood And Wine delivers a poignant swan song for The Witcher 3

Retirement may well be in the cards for everyone’s favorite witcher, and it’s hard to imagine a better place to hang up one’s swords than Toussaint. But there’s one thing about this picturesque Nilfgaardian duchy that Geralt Of Rivia will never quite be able to stomach: all the damn vampires. Summoned by Anna Henrietta, Toussaint’s temperamental duchess, to investigate a series of ritualistic murders, our hero soon finds himself entangled in webs of courtly intrigue, uncovering dark family secrets and hobnobbing with the undead who seem to have descended en masse upon the capital of Beauclair, either as members of the local aristocracy, nightly scourges, or both.

A change of climate was required for the series as much as its protagonist, and part of what makes Blood And Wine such a successful swan song for most of its considerable length is how astutely it understands …

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