Game In Progress: Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ending is just the beginning

Welcome to the conclusion of our Game In Progress review of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Over the past few weeks, Gameological editor Matt Gerardi has been playing through this latest entry in BioWare’s beloved space-opera series and reviewing it along the way. This final entry covers everything, including the Priority Ops “Journey To Meridian” and “Meridian—A Way Home,” the game’s main ending, and the conclusion of the “Ryder Family Secrets” quest line. Matt is playing as a woman and, for simplicity’s sake, will be referring to Ryder as she/her throughout.

“On hold.” It’s a phrase that pops up an alarming number of times throughout Mass Effect: Andromeda. You’ll start out on a new mission, get a tantalizing bit of story, and the next thing you know, you’re being told to put it “on hold” until you reach the next big plot point or …

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