Game In Progress: Dishonored 2 comes to life inside a mechanical mansion

Welcome to part two of our Game In Progress review of Dishonored 2. This entry covers missions four through six of Arkane Studios’ magical-assassin simulator. If you missed the debut entry, which covers the first three missions, you can find that right here. And be sure to check back in next week as our review comes to a close.

It’s no surprise Arkane Studios and Bethesda chose The Clockwork Mansion to serve as the centerpiece of Dishonored 2‘s last big marketing push. With the introductory levels behind you and a handful of occult abilities now in your arsenal, this is the moment the game starts springing to life. Not only is the building that stars in this mission a stunning display of craftsmanship and the first place you’ve visited thus far that isn’t a dilapidated mess, it is the manifestation of the game’s ethos, an …

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