For Our Consideration: Wonder Woman became the feminist hero the ’70s needed

Wonder Woman, billed as “superheroine number one,” was one of the few (only) bright spots in the recent Batman V Superman movie, as Gal Gadot brought the Amazon princess the necessary badassery she needed to take over the big screen. A full-length Wonder Woman cinematic adventure is now in the works, mere decades overdue. Only Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman remain from DC’s Golden Age of comics, and while her two male counterparts have hit the big screen a number of times, the 2017 movie will mark the first Wonder Woman-centric film. In fact, Batman and Superman are both in their third movie incarnations, while Green Lantern and even DC’s Swamp Thing made it to the big screen before her.

While unfortunate, it’s the kind of the battle Wonder Woman has been fighting since her conception. Psychologist William Moulton Marston created her in 1941 as a feminist …

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