For Our Consideration: Why every cable news set uses the same two colors

The excitement in watching live returns from the New Hampshire primary last night didn’t come from the results, as the victors were clear within about 30 seconds of the polls closing. Trump and Sanders won in blowouts, and while there’s a lot of Wednesday-morning quarterbacking about what it means for the Republicans to have a second-place Kasich, third-place Cruz, and grumpy-place Christie, ranking the runners-up isn’t exactly edge-of-your-seat stuff. No, the true excitement came from the visuals on TV: Each of the major cable news outlets had slightly different-colored location designs!

At least a couple of the talking-head channels made it out to New Hampshire for the primary, including MSNBC, seen above broadcasting its post-vote analysis from JD’s Tavern in Manchester. The network is committed to remaining the young and hip TV destination of choice (note the faded pants on reporter Steve Kornacki, who may as …

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