For Our Consideration: What’s with all the driving during the Big Little Lies theme song?

Sometimes a driving sequence at the top of a TV show symbolizes a protagonist’s new beginning: Mary Richards heading down the highway to Minneapolis, or the Clampetts’ loaded-up truck moving to Beverly—Hills, that is. Sometimes the ride is about what lies ahead, as in the top-down cruise that opened up Boy Meets World‘s fourth season of lasting lessons and class-room goof-arounds. The don of ride-along openings, meanwhile, is about routine: Over the percolating electronica of Alabama 3, the prelude to The Sopranos captures Tony Soprano’s daily commute in a style Hanna-Barbera once applied to George Jetson’s and Fred Flinstone’s trips to and from work. (Parallels that Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law eventually picked up on.)

Maybe it’s the bluesiness of their soundtracks, maybe it’s the glances in rear-view mirrors, but I couldn’t stop thinking about The Sopranos‘ opening while watching screeners …

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