For Our Consideration: What’s it like visiting the set of a TV show? We dropped by The Strain to find out

The pilot announces, in slightly too jolly an inflection, that we’re going to have a “bumpy descent” into Toronto, which my body takes as a cue to begin sweating. Luckily, we do not die, because death from plane crash seems frustrating. You’ll always be overshadowed by the flight number.

I’m heading to a press junket for The Strain, the FX show based on a trilogy of books by Guillermo Del Toro. It’s a very good-looking show that’s also pretty silly, and a bit of a mess narratively, at least in the first season. I watched it with a perspective somewhat akin to people slowing down as they pass by a car wreck. It’s not hate-watching exactly; there are a lot of interesting odd things about The Strain that kept it from being actively bad. I don’t want to continue watching shows I don …

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