For Our Consideration: Westworld’s Man In Black isn’t a villain—he’s a video game nerd

The identity of The Man In Black continues to be one of Westworld‘s most talked-about mysteries. The internet is full of theories about his history, his occupation, his motivations, even whether his story takes place in the same time period as everything else on the show. Like any other J.J. Abrams-touched puzzle-box of a TV show, all that speculation could be entirely pointless. In the end, Ed Harris’ devious gunslinger might just turn out to be—as has been suggested briefly on the show—some rich dude who loves to take a break from his philanthropic work at a respected foundation by killing and maiming a bunch of robot cowboys. We may or may not learn the whole truth before the first season is up, but one thing is already clear: Deep down, The Man In Black is a video game nerd.

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Westworld …

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