For Our Consideration: We are the world: Apple’s idea of a global pop sound

Last week Apple rolled out its highly anticipated Apple Music platform, which includes a streaming library of 30 million songs; Connect (a Tumblr-like feature for artists to share multimedia content); and a suite of streaming radio channels including Beats 1, which features an intensely curated cast of talent broadcasting original programming from studios in Los Angeles, New York City, and London. So far, Apple is making as much or even more of a big deal about Beats 1 as any of the other features, which is interesting because Apple’s previously focused on delivering content rather than creating it, and because radio isn’t exactly the hottest listening format these days. On the other hand, aside from having Taylor Swift and Dr. Dre, the streaming library’s not substantially different from what Spotify and Tidal have to offer, and while Connect has the potential to facilitate something interesting (especially if …

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