For Our Consideration: They saved MST3K’s brain: The story of an amazing, colossal cult TV revival

Joel Hodgson wants feedback about the new Mystery Science Theater 3000. We’re in the lounge at the Music Box Theatre, the historic Chicago movie house where Hodgson has just screened the first episode of the movie-riffing series’ 11th season, which comes to Netflix on April 14. If the laughter seemed especially robust (and underlined by relief), it’s because the audience has more than their enthusiasm for the cult TV comedy on the line: They’re a small fraction of the 48,270 donors who contributed a combined $5,764,229 to the Kickstarter that brought Mystery Science Theater 3000 back after an 18-year absence. The crowd came in formal wear and cosplay, some even toting replicas of Hodgson’s (and Mike Nelson’s, and now Jonah Ray’s) robot friends. Hodgson and the show’s new cast—Ray, plus Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount—are milling about, posing …

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