For Our Consideration: These days, women run HBO—but for how long?

Not long after Donald Trump declared war on the media, CNN’s picked up the gauntlet, firing back against the president once more in the new edition of The Hollywood Reporter. In the cover story, CNN president Jeff Zucker brags that he and his employees wear their status of enemy combatants against false information and corruption “as a badge of honor.” He detailed the network’s new arsenal in this fight, which includes a plan to “dominate digital,” which does sound like a good volley against President Twitter. But judging by the THR cover, this looks like a war that will be fought exclusively by men.

The photo features Zucker, sitting comfortably with a bunch of his “soldiers” from the network: The Lead anchor Jake Tapper, United Shades Of America host W. Kamau Bell, Anthony Bourdain (because armies have to eat), and CNN senior producer Josiah Daniel Ryan. The all-male …

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