For Our Consideration: The Slap bravely exposes the dark side of parenthood (and Parenthood)

As a parent, I was fascinated just by the premise of NBC’s recent miniseries The Slap, which follows the aftermath of one parent (Zachary Quinto) slapping a bratty child who isn’t his. There’s an unofficial line at my neighborhood playground that never gets crossed: No one even reprimands someone else’s kid. I’ve spent enough time with other parents to know when my views vary widely from theirs, from whether to allow a candy treat before bedtime (insanity) to a ban on screentime during the week (also insanity). But for the sake of all friendships, at the kid level and the adult level, we all silently agree to disagree.

I also grew up in an age when the evil nuns at my south side Chicago Catholic grade school almost gleefully hit us with rulers and yardsticks. Corporal punishment, a few decades ago, was far from the …

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